Casino Gaming Solutions


The casino industry has been an early adapter to our Glasses-Free 3D display technology where people are drawn to these lively hotspots for entertainment, concerts, sporting events, dining and shopping. Whether it’s greeting your guests in the lobby, directing people to ticket booths and restaurants or promoting your upcoming shows, Exceptional 3D Glasses Free 3D displays will help lead them to it.

Exceptional 3D : Glasses-Free 3D Casino Gaming Solutions from Exceptional 3D on Vimeo.

Exceptional 3D's patented No-Glasses 3D technology is the perfect solution for any casino gaming environment to enhance the customer experience. This application shows the effective nature of the GlassesFree 3D technology acting as a mechanism to draw customers into an area on the casino gaming floor at Revel, a 6.3 million square foot beachfront destination in Atlantic City. Revel tapped Exceptional 3D to incorporate their industry leading and award-winning auto-stereoscopic 3D technology as part of the setting which inspires and entertains its guests.

Why & where to use Glasses-Free 3D digital signage in gaming and casinos?

Your slot machines, slot toppers and game tables.

Give directions on where to find tickets, entrances and seating.

Advertise your show, promote upcoming events, restaurants and merchandise.

Share information from sponsors, quick-serve menu items or event previews.

Entertain with live Internet streaming of sports, concerts, news, weather and video.

Engage your audience with interactive 3D content that lets visitors find just the information they need.

We have a 3D digital signage solution to help you achieve your goal, whether that’s a standalone kiosk, single display, or an out-of-home-network. Exceptional 3D Glasses-Free 3D display solutions are the ideal way to make your casino eye-catching and enticing.