Want to become part of Exceptional 3D global or regional network of 3D based advertising, where you or your clients can place advertisement on your own 3D displays as well as others throughout the world expanding your reach and impressions of your advertising message for your clients or brands.

Below explains how our program works.

Advertising sales: Exceptional 3D offices are located in New York City, the global hub for major advertising and media groups. With these agencies in such close proximity, our auto-stereoscopic 3D marketing team can meet with major brands on your behalf to sell placement on your network(s). Our 3D digital signage specialists will work to help you increase the value of your network through premium advertising opportunities at a minimal percentage for their efforts.

Start-up Network Program: We will present new network controllers with available inventory of existing ads, which they can utilize as ‘proof-of-concept’ content during a 60-day period. This affords the new network controller with an ability to influence their efforts to help secure new advertisers. Upon expiration of the 60-day exposure period, a licensing agreement is required for any additional usage of ad content placement.

Cross-Pollination Program: This program licenses the best 3D content that is available to you while increasing the visual value of your network by selling open and unused advertising inventory. To do this, we extend our accessibility to ‘active’ 3D digital signage networks which offers an opportunity for brands and advertisers seeking additional impressions throughout diverse markets. This also affords you the leverage needed to pique the interest of existing advertisers to advertise on your network(s).

Value Added Program: 3DDSN is a member of the Digital Place-based Advertising Association, the governing body of the digital signage industry. 3DDSN makes your network demographics available to all global agencies and brands. The program offers premium advertising opportunities at a minimal percentage for placement.

Full-service creative: Touted as the industry-leading experts, Exceptional 3D designs, produces and delivers original, awe-inspiring, auto-stereoscopic 3D content. Under a creative leadership that stretches for over a decade, we can appoint our creative group to your concept so that proper attention and time is given to any auto-stereoscopic 3D content needs. Working closely with customers, we ensure that the exact likeness of any brand and image is achieved.