C-Stores Solutions

Exceptional 3D displays are a perfect fit within any convenience store or mini-market establishment.

Exceptional 3D digital signage can have a huge impact on the bottom line by presenting a unique experience within any C-Store establishment. What better way to increase patrons interest in new products or highlight special or seasonal items in the store in life like 3D? Just think of seeing a slice of pizza or soft drink popping out off the 3D digital signage display with weather and news at the same time! Or even seeing a cup of coffee with the steam coming off the display in the morning and then sandwiches advertised for lunch specials.

Exceptional 3D's patented no-glasses 3D technology is the perfect solution for network operators tending to convenience store digital signage. This video depicts only a small collection of what is actually nine different networks that are comprised of over 600 Exceptional 3D auto-stereoscopic 3D displays deployed throughout the US. All locations offer a uniquely enhanced customer experience where 3D advertising is creating a more effective impact with potential customers and a greater influence on undecided consumers.

Using Exceptional 3D Digital Displays is an ideal application for 3D signage. Convenience Store network operators or c-store owners can easily configure their own playlist to change their morning, lunch and evening offerings, as well as run regular daily specials or special monthly items. There is no doubt that c-stores using Exceptional 3D displays will see an increase in the sales of specials, regular menu items or other promotional ads.

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