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Exceptional 3D Digital signage can highlight your school’s campus appeal, culture and advanced technology, creating an innovative learning environment that will help attract students and faculty. Discover how you can bring your place of higher education into the 21st century with Exceptional 3D cutting-edge 3D digital signage solutions

High schools, universities and other institutes for education always need to communicate with students, faculty, staff, and parents, it is reported that 70% of higher education intuitions use digital signage and that 97% students prefer getting their information digitally. So, it's no surprise, given that the average student owns seven tech devices, they are already using their screens for gathering information and what better way to deliver important information on a campus than through 3D digital signage.

After all the Millennials generation has grown up in a world of 3D, from playing video games to watching 3D movies, so they are expecting to see how 3D emerges into everyday life. Exceptional 3D Digital Signage solution is the answer. Using our content management software campuses can show traditional 2D campus programming mixed with 3D message. Here are some examples how our 3D displays can be used on campuses. Using our content management software.

• Sponsored educational 3rd party ads 
• School news & weather 
• Local academic and event calendar
• Morning announcements

Benefits to 3D Digital Signage


Keeping students safe is a top priority for all schools. When integrated with an emergency alert system, digital signage that is placed strategically around a campus can help notify students, faculty and visitors of emergencies such as weather, electrical outages etc. Our 3D digital signage can also inform students and faculty what actions the students need to take to remain safe.

Event Promotions/Announcements

Digital signage in schools can be used to display automated event listings. Updates about job fairs, dances, homecomings, sports and extracurricular activities or charitable events will be easily accessible on the digital signs. This will call attention to the events and drive attendance.

Lunch Menus

3D Digital menu boards in school cafeterias can be used to promote healthy food choices. Highlighting nutritional information calls attention to nutrient contents, prompting students to be more conscious of what they’re eating. Healthy choices can also be promoted to encourage students to purchase these meals instead of pizzas or burgers. These digital displays can also be used to direct traffic during lunch, so the lines move faster and students have more time to eat.

Campus Maps

Digital signage can also be used in schools for wayfinding. Building directories and wayfinding displays are essential for assisting new students and visitors orient themselves with the campus. Administrators of multi-campus universities should consider implementing interactive digital signage which will make wayfinding even more engaging and fun.

Recruiting top students and, faculty

Today colleges want to impress prospective students & families by showing them they are using the most cutting edge emerging technology on their campus. One example of those technologies that delivers that WOW FACTOR that today student expect is Exceptional 3D Digital signage and inter-active solutions. Whether it having a large 3D LED wall at the college sports venue improving the fan experience at sporting events or reinforce learning by using a Glasses-Free 3D display in the classroom, today modern student expects this type of experience at the school they choose to go to.

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