Hospitality Solutions

Exceptional 3D displays offer an elevation to the environment and design of your hotel while adding to the overall customer’s experience of your property.


Hotel lobbies are high-traffic areas where people gather and wait it is a perfect place for eye-catching and mood-setting digital signage. The lobby is also a place to showcase and set the tone for a hotel's brand so you want to make their first impression as memorable as possible. Digital displays in the hotel lobby help inform and entertain guests, and can add an air of sophistication and class to the property.

No matter how small the hotel it’s important for the hotel management to focus on their lobbies by providing the latest most cutting edge technology and content. You want to provide guest with a truly immersive experience that will have them telling their friends and family about their experience for years.

As Individual displays are now a now commonplace for various applications, they may no longer generate a great impact. Large Individual displays are an expected part of a hotel room, but they easily get lost in the greatness of a hotel lobby, and might fail to engage guests glued to their smartphones.

The trend in the hospitality industry now is installing large LED video walls, a visually compelling solution that captures attention in both large and small public spaces, and can be a key starting point for long-term digital engagement with customers.

The lobby is perhaps the most important room in the hotel, and a video wall not only sets the tone for a great first impression, it also keeps the guests informed, while providing a visual experience that complements the hotel brand. Video walls help unify a hotel's digital experience and create a valuable branding and advertising platform in the hotel's highest traffic area.

A video wall is meant to complement the space while visually engaging the audience. Careful planning is important. Exceptional 3D has relationships with some of the best technology providers and content designers in the world to work with us to meet all your hospitality needs, so let us help you design a video wall that works for your hotel lobby.

Exceptional 3D 4K glasses-free video walls for any hotel or ballrooms and reception to amaze guests with the latest and greatest lenticular glasses-free autostereo-scopy technology

Other Application for our Glasses-Free 3D displays in hospitality

Hotels, Casinos, Cruise Ships and Resorts around the world have embraced hospitality digital signage in assisting their guests with information they need to enhance their vacation experience. Hotel digital signage serves as concierges in hotel lobbies providing directions, activity schedules for hotel guests and providing business executives information on meeting rooms and schedules. Other uses that hotels & resorts also use digital signage is to promote amenities including restaurants, spas, and fitness centers.

Virtual Concierge

Wayfinding Kiosk

In room entertainment

Hotel guest want to enjoy their hotel rooms just as much as they do their own homes and most find that hotels introduce them to the latest technology.

In room 3D Digital displays is just one of those technologies where guest can now watch streaming 3D movies or play video games in 3D with No Glasses needed. Digital signage displays feature 3D content that appeals to weekday business travelers and then changes for weekend leisure guests.

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