Exceptional 3D is a global leader and the world's largest provider of “Glasses-Free” 3D displays and software solutions for a wide variety of industries. Operating under several patent’s Exceptional 3D designs precision 3D lenticular lenses to create their auto-stereoscopic display technology for virtually any display size or application. Exceptional 3D solution enables flat-panel displays to showcase amazing ultra-high definition immersive 3D content without the need for 3D glasses, while still being capable of supporting playback of standard 2D content.

Natural applications for the company's Future-Proof Glasses-Free 3D display technology include consumer products such as 3D televisions, tablets, smart phones, and virtual reality. Exceptional 3D is seeing more demand for their technology in new emerging markets for their glasses-free 3D technology in the defense & military, medical, video gaming, and architectural industries.

The company’s primary focus is in the fast-growing Digital Signage OOH market; which is best positioned to benefit the most by offering their amazing 3D advertising medium to wherever traditional 2D displays are currently placed. Ideal vertical markets include retail, transportation hubs, restaurants, stadiums & arenas, cinemas, hospitality, casino gaming and various other applications.


It is the company mission to commercialize on the natural evolution of display technology by making their Glasses-Free 3D solution a more of a cost-effective alternative for the mass market by replacing traditional 2D displays and have their 3D displays become a mainstream product. The company offers their 3D displays at comparable cost to 2D screens and trains end users to enable them to create their own 3D content making the ease to transition from 2D to 3D simple.

As for the consumer market, Exceptional 3D has developed a software that will convert stereo filmed 3D content and Hollywood movies that will convert in real-time that will deliver 3D content to televisions, laptops and mobile devices; the company is committed to offering these quality products to the consumer market in 2017 as the world transitions to seeing the world in three dimension.


Our vision is to let the world see in lifelike 3D by offering our 3D solutions for all markets and to replace traditional 2D devices with their future-proof Glasses-Free 3D technology. “What will be, will be 3D”