Quick Service Restaurants Solutions

Exceptional 3D displays are a perfect fit within any quick service restaurant or casual dining or establishment.

Exceptional 3D digital signage can have a huge impact in the restaurant industry, what better way to get patrons appetites going than highlighting items on the menu in life like 3D. Just think of seeing a Cheeseburger popping out off the menu board or seeing a cup of coffee with the steam coming off the display 8-10 inches.

Using Exceptional 3D Digital Menu Boards is an ideal application for 3D signage as restaurant owners can easily set their play list to change their morning, lunch and evening menus and can run daily specials. The ability to change content at a moment’s notice as well as potentially minimizing future costs by not having to replace menu boards is certainly a benefit to any restaurant owner. There is no doubt that restaurants using Exceptional 3D displays at point of purchase will see an uplift in the sales of menu items they promote like deserts.

• Increase your sales per customer by cross-selling and upselling

• Wet the appetite of passersby who see a 3D image of their favorite food popping off the display and entice them to enter the store

• Lift average order value, up and cross-sell.

• Remotely control and instantly update in-restaurant messaging and promotions

• Automatically change offerings by location on an unlimited number of devices and screens in every store in the chain.

• Instantly and easily customize in-restaurant messaging via templates and content creation tools.

• Automate and accelerate the ordering process.

• Utilize our powerful APIs and team of experts to integrate with your other systems and suit your unique needs.

• Generate higher sales through targeted advertising and communication

• Make the customer experience more engaging

• Reduce friction in long waiting lines or by providing directional information

• Advertise only products that you have in inventory by linking to an inventory management system

• Reduce printing costs of outdated advertising

• Promote a positive brand image

• Make your messages and 3D content influence customers’ buying behavior.