Retail Solutions

Exceptional 3D displays make for a perfect multiple demographic messaging solution to cater to many different types of clients.

Digital Signage in retail is a way of life and will only get more popular in the future as more brands and advertisers realize that their ads on TV may not be viewed by consumer with the popularity of DVR’s. Brands and retailers are shifting their advertising budgets from traditional print & TV to “point of sale” where customers make their purchasing decisions. What better way for these brands to get their message across then to have the ad appear 3D breaking away from the clutter of traditional 2D advertising. When customers see a 3D advertisement on Exceptional 3D displays not only will they be entertained they will also have more recall for the product and be more likely to purchase the product.

Retailer are installing more displays throughout their stores as they know that digital signage provides a uplift in sales and enhances their patrons in store experience. One of the key benefits of Exceptional 3D solutions is our ability to integrate our 3D media player with existing content management software, this allows for store owner to set templates where they can have the display show traditional 2D infotainment such as promoting recipes, fashion shows or weather and then have 3D advertisement show on another part of the display or full screen. Using our content management solution, network operators can set their playlist up accordingly to reach certain demographics throughout the course of the day, this is known as Day Parting.

An example of this is a mall owner that can set up his playlist to target seniors who might be walking in the mall in the morning and have advertisements such as pharmaceuticals or travel ads and in the afternoon set the play list to have ads geared to the tween & teen population who frequent the mall after school.

Facial Recognition

Retailers want to know who their customers are in order to be ready with a targeted offer. Knowing the demographics (gender and age group) of the shoppers as well as where they stay the longest in the store, when they shop, what they look at and what are the conversion rates are all powerful tools that enable maximizing the retailer’s targeting efforts, thus, improving sales. Working with a partner company, Exceptional 3D offer a solution to our clients to help them better target their advertisement to reach their target audience.

• Automatically change offerings by location on an unlimited number of devices and screens in every store in the chain.

Most of the time ads displayed on screens are not effective in reaching their target audiences. Exceptional 3D solution accurately measures the number of viewers watching our 3D digital signage content played on screens, by counting the number of people that viewed the content played and providing information on the viewers’ demographics (gender and age group).

In addition, the real-time metrics makes it possible to target the current viewing audience with an advertisement based on the demographics of the people watching, thus, maximizing the effectiveness of the ad played.

With our facial recognition solution our Retail customers

• Can increase their sales revenues

• Measures number of people that viewed your advertised content and their demographics.

• Maximizes effectiveness of advertised content by displaying targeted content based on customers’ demographics.

• Measures how many people viewed the advertised content and for how long they watched.

• Provides dwell time viewers are looking at the screen, total time viewers are in the area data and generating opportunity to see information.

• Enables planning digital signage advertisements for different demographic groups based on their shopping peak hours.

Other unique 3D digital signage you will be finding at high end retailers is 3D Virtual Mirrors and our 3D LED Wall.


Retail Small area displays

Large Area Displays

3D Inter-Active Virtual Dressing Room

High End Retailers Ceiling displays

What to really impress your customers, there is no better way than installing our Glasses -Free 3D display through the store, even on the ceiling where shopper will be mesmerized by seeing 3D images and product jumping off our Glasses-Free 3D displays.

3D ceiling display without the need for glasses

Hyper Markets

When shopping in a supermarket there are so many choices and signage promoting various products through your journey when food shopping. What better way to cut through the clutter and get your brand or product notice and sticking out from the crowd by having your products promoted in amazing lifelike 3D; where you product is literally popping off the 3D display 12” attracting shoppers to the product and enhancing their in-store experience.


Location, Location, Location, what better place to engage customer waiting in line than behind the pharmacy counter advertising and promoting the various prescription drugs and how they flow through the body in 3D on one of Exceptional 3D Glasses-Free 3D displays.

pharmacy, drugstore advertising in 3D no-glasses for OTC and hair care