Stadiums & Arena’s Solutions

Exceptional 3D displays work perfectly within any sport stadium setting to increase the overall fan experience.

It is no secret that sport stadiums & arenas are always looking for new ways to both entertain their fans and offer corporate sponsors value added opportunities to promote their brands and products. Years ago the "Jumbotron" next to the scoreboard was the only screen in the entire stadium or arena. Now we have screens at the concession stands, in restaurants, in seat backs, in the causeway, in VIP hospitality suites and even in the bathrooms. And those grainy jumbotrons have been replaced by LED screens measuring hundreds of feet across. This is clearly an enormous opportunity for our 3D digital signage.

When you look around a stadium or arena there are signs all over, what better way for sport clubs, stadium and arena owners to offer their sponsors a unique option to show their brands in 3D and break away from all the traditional 2D clutter. Not only will this make sponsors happy seeing their ads in 3D it will also serve a dual purpose by entertaining and enhancing fans overall game experience.

Using our content management solutions fans who are on concession stand lines can watch the game in 2D while reviewing the menu to see what they want to order off a 3D menu.

There is doubt the proliferation of our Glasses-Free 3D digital displays in sporting venues has revolutionized the spectator experience. There's no turning back — every new and old sporting facility will be built for visual impact, and designed with digital signage at the core of the fan experience. Fans will enjoy a much richer experience in the stands, and stadium owners will enjoy new revenue streams with a dramatic increase in outside events they can host.