Tradeshow & Event

If your company is sponsoring or exhibiting at a tradeshow or an event it is most likely going to be very expensive, take a lot of preparation, planning booth design, staffing and you want to make sure that you get the attention of attendees many that you hope become your customers. But the question is how do you stand out from the other hundreds of the other exhibitors in the space and get those attendees attracted to your booth and talk you’re your staff.

Well there is no better answer than Exceptional 3D displays or Video Wall Solution and engaging content that promises to be the differentiator from an attendee and possible customer stopping at your booth Vs another competitor who is trying to do the same as you get them to enter their booth.

Here are just a couple reason why choose Exceptional 3D solution that offers amazing 3D content that people will remember.

Many industries are in the midst of paperless initiatives and prefer engaging visuals

1- The new workforce is increasingly electronic, especially among younger exhibit goer’s and accustomed to having endless streams of information accessible via pocket-sized touch screens. So getting your chance to deliver your message at your booth on an amazing Glasses-Free 3D display you will not only impress the attendees but will also reduce the number of printed brochures that your audience may be less inclined to flip through or even throw out.

2- Remember that tradeshows and events are loud, so don't rely on audio, the best way to get attendees attention is through engaging 3D content where image look like they are POPPING off the displays, this alone will stop viewers in their tracks right in front of your booth and give your staff the chance to engage with them.

Yes, having a visual plan by adding eye-catching Exceptional 3D digital signage solution to your trade show strategy will give you that additional advantage combined with the type of 3D content you wish to show.

When considering content think about the attendees who are there, the activities at your booth, the products or services you are showing off, are you trying to get someone to buy or just trying to inform people of something? Exceptional 3D content development team can help you with all of your content needs from developing concept for you to storyboarding, design and production.

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Do you buy a screen(s) or rent one from Exceptional 3D?

This is all up to your budget, but in many cases depending on how long your show is, it might make more sense to purchase a display outright from us, as most AV rental companies charge on average $500 a day to rent just a 2D display and will not even have a 3D display, so if you need a display for a show including travel time for say 5 days and a computer to play back the content and run the display it could cost you $2,500 to $3,000 just to rent, just as much as if it were to buy the display. As the manufacturer of our Glasses-Free 3D displays, Exceptional 3D sell displays so we of course would prefer that you buy the display directly from us as we can also handle your content needs. However, we do have a partner Audio Visual rental company AV Depot that rents our displays for tradeshows and events. See the video below for more details.