Why Us


There are several options for you to consider when choosing a 3D display solution for your applications, first is to actually see the display, as there are many companies who have just started to jump on the 3D bandwagon to capitalize on the popularity of Glasses-Free 3D and their 3D display technology is subpar which gives the Auto-stereoscopic industry a bad name. It is important to do your homework as most of these companies do not own the technology and may be reselling it from another provider. It is also important to learn if they have the license agreement in place to sell their product or own certain IP and are to infringing on other people intellectual property.

Below are just some reasons when choosing a proven 3D display solution provider why Exceptional 3D should be your choice.

  • EXCEPTIONAL 3D executive team has over 70 years combined auto-stereoscopic 3D technology experience.
  • EXCEPTIONAL 3D team have been in the Glasses-Free 3D industry since the 1990’s, our team is made up of highly skilled professionals with many of our engineers having Doctorates degrees in the fields Optics, 3D technology & Computer Science. 
  • EXCEPTIONAL 3D has a license agreement in place to operate under patent portfolio consisting of over 735 patents related to 3D technology.
  • EXCEPTIONAL 3D also owns or operates under certain patents related to the design & development of the lenticular lens & attachment to displays.
  • EXCEPTIONAL 3D owns trademark, the official Logo used certifying that a Glasses-Free 3D Product has met certain industry standards.
  • EXCEPTIONAL 3D lenticular lens design are custom made in Germany, the Optics capital of the world by some of the most experienced 3D experts in the world. As expected with German engineering the craftsmanship combined with quality engineering Exceptional 3D produces the highest quality lens in the world.
  • EXCEPTIONAL 3D executed a License agreement with 3doo  who has the world's largest library of stereo 3D movies and content which provides Exceptional 3D customers with unlimited amount of 3D content to be viewed; this includes first run 3D movies that with Exceptional 3D conversion software allows viewers to watch any 3D stereo filmed content in 3D without the need for 3D Glasses.
  • With our “State of the Art” production process and one of a kind machinery, unlike other 3D companies who have tried to attempt to produce a 3D lens by embossing the lens in a plastic film and then laminating onto glass producing poor results, we produce our lens by cured UV light which gives us no disturbances in the lens. Plus we can fine tune the lens better as we use photo masks for the UV curing that we can reiteratively refine.
  • EXCEPTIONAL 3D uses one of the most respected Chinese OEM to assemble our Glasses Free 3D displays.
  • To guaranteed product quality, we strictly implement the SGS ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System & SGS ISO 14001:200.
  • We have a Quality Control team comprising of 10 people, we never let any defective product out of our factory.
  • Product Certification: CCC, FCC, CE, CB, UL, Energy Star, SASO, etc.
  • Operating in our 6th year, EXCEPTIONAL 3D is the world's largest provider of Glasses-Free 3D displays and solutions for the Digital Signage industry, providing high precision quality auto-stereoscopic 3D displays, software and 3D content.
  • EXCEPTIONAL 3D offers the largest selection of 3D products offering 20 different displays type and sizes, more than any other 3D display manufacturer with screen sizes ranging from 10.1” to 84” with 11 being in 4K.
  • With the introduction of our new 4K display our lens design is very thin, it is bonded to the display and is barely noticeable.
  • Our 3D displays have virtually no Moire or crosstalk delivering a clear crisp quality image.
  • EXCEPTIONAL 3D expertise in the Glasses- Free 3D industry is unmatched, delivering the best 3D displays and solutions in the world at competitive prices to traditional 2D displays.
  • We make it easy for our end users customer to make their content by offering our Creative Suite and train you how to create your own content.
  • We have software that allows for conversion of 2D to 3D and Stereo 3D 4K content to convert content in real-time.
  • EXCEPTIONAL 3D has many relationships with video gaming providers as a well as 3D film makers to help provide top rated 3D content.
  • In addition to our own team EXCEPTIONAL 3D also works with some of the world's top designers which we can tap into to help you provide the best 3D presentation for literally any kind of project.
  • EXCEPTIONAL 3D Playback Software runs on both Android and Windows Operating systems.
  • Our open source software allows you to integrate with almost all Content Management software companies, allowing for scheduling content, setting templates and providing affidavit reporting to advertisers.
  • EXCEPTIONAL 3D displays have the ability to also play traditional 2D content with no loss of resolution or contrast and can even playback 2D & 3D at the same time using a CMS template.
  • EXCEPTIONAL 3D displays are a Future-Proof 3D technology that will make a lasting impression on customers.
  • Capitalize on your Public Relations value by installing one of Exceptional 3D displays or networks and gain more exposure.
  • Attract more interest from potential advertisers and the financial community.
  • EXCEPTIONAL 3D uses Special Lenticular lens over Parallax Barrier like other 3D companies the advantages are as follows.

Why use Lenticular over Parallax Barrier technology?


Parallax Barrier (Old Technology Offered by other inexperienced 3D companies)
Parallax Barrier

  • Lens allows for maximum light transmission (90+%)
  • Lenticular arrays offer brighter light of 3D images
  • Improved Contrast Ratio.
  • True color tones
  • All pixels are used
  • High resolution
  • Non-destructive
  • Display 2D content
  • Typically offer 8, 9 & 16 LENS views for full look around effect with Virtually creating 24 up to 32 Views
    • Pixel blocking filter applied to display
    • Decreased light output by 40%s
    • Decreased contrast ratio
    • Incorrect color temperature on all content (i.e., white becomes grey, red becomes orange)
    • Poor image reproduction, low resolution
    • Destructive
    • Offers Poor 2D image quality