Medical Solutions

Exceptional 3D offers real-time 3D video solutions for different vertical markets. One area that we see an increasing demand is in the medical industry for surgeries and educational based applications.


We are seeing more and more demand for the use of our Glasses-free 3D displays for surgeons who do not want to wear cumbersome 3D glasses and wish to do operations using our special high-resolution Glasses-Free 3D displays

Medical Imaging: CT scans, Sonograms, Mammograms, etc., telemedicine and robotic surgery

Working with one of our software partners we have the technology to provide medical imaging for endoscopic and robotic-assisted surgery, to allow surgeons to see true depth perception. Doctors will not need any special glasses but will be able to see a three- dimensional view of the procedure in real time.

We can make any high-resolution display that fits your needs.

So if you have a need for a special Glasses-Free 3D display for your medical application, please give us a call or E-mail us to discuss your application in more detail and let us be your solution provider.