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Free Spins For Everyone: Zaza Casino Canada’s Greatest Bonus

Zaza Casino is the newest casino to make landfall in Canada in 2022. We have a wide range of bonuses and games that are becoming the talk of the nation and in this article we want to tell you about the greatest gift we bring to the table: lots and lots and lots of free spins!

Whether you’re a new mobile player or you’re at the top of the loyalty tier list the Zaza free spins are for everyone. In this article we will tell you about the 100 free spin bonus which is our pride and joy and then we’ll explain why it’s so great.

What Exactly Are Free Spins?

Do you want to enjoy the game without risking any of your own money? You can do this by taking advantage of a slot machine that offers free spins. Win without putting any of your own money on the line! What’s more, while it is possible to win money on these games it is impossible to lose money which is why many gamblers, no matter how experienced or novice they are, find them interesting.

No matter the online casino you choose to play at (Zaza Casino or any other), you won’t get the same number of free spins every time. Make sure you check to see if the offer is restricted to specific games or game providers before making an investment, as this is a possibility.

Free Spins Available at Zaza Casino

If you are a first-time player at Zaza casino, you should know that Zaza sign-up bonuses are some of the best in the industry. One thousand free spins, with every second bonus being a no-deposit free spin and a 100% bonus to deposit that will instantly double your gaming balance, and that’s just to start! Sounds pretty cool, right? For the second no deposit bonus, there are 1,000 free spins.

On the official Zaza casino website you can get ten bonuses that include hundreds of free spins immediately after registration. No-deposit bonuses make up the majority of all bonuses. After activating the previous incentive you will be able to access the next one. You’ll be able to find all this in the bonuses area.

So now you know how you can get them but how can you use them? New players who join Zaza Casino receive free spins as part of their welcome package as discussed above. For devoted gamers they can also be part of a regular promotional package but this is a little less common.

You don’t have to do anything unusual to get this bonus if it’s included in the welcome package. When signing up for an account at the casino you merely need to confirm that you wish to take advantage of the promotion.

Open the Zaza Casino game where the free spins are being offered and they’ll be automatically added to your Zaza account.

When using free spins to play slot games online the casino sets the bet automatically. As a precautionary measure this ensures a safe betting environment and minimizes the risk of cheating. If you’re betting on all the slot’s paylines at the minimum bet value your bets will be spread across all of them.

Understanding Wagering Requirements

A wager is the amount of money you bet on each hand of cards, each round of the slots or each game of a certain sport. As a general term it can also refer to the total amount of money that you bet during the course of a session or a given length of time.

It’s not just free spins that have wagering requirements. These explain how many times you must gamble through your bonus before you can cash out the bonus money. Take for instance a 35x wagering requirement free spins bonus with 50 free spins at $0.10 per spin. If you multiply 50 by 0.010, you get a total bonus of $5.

However this value will not be used to calculate the wagering requirements. Instead they’ll be applied to any winnings you’ve accumulated while playing free spins. After using all free spins if you win $10 you’ll need to wager $350 before you can cash out. When seen in this light it’s easy to see how online casinos can provide free spins bonuses without incurring any financial risk.

As a general rule all online casinos have wagering restrictions for free spins. You should take them into consideration before you start betting but they shouldn’t deter you from signing up for an online casino and taking advantage of the free spin bonus.

Just bear in mind that not all games contribute equally to your bankroll while you are placing bets. Games such as roulette and blackjack may only count for 10 or 20 percent of the wagering requirements but slots in Zaza casino typically count for 100 percent.

The Mathematics Behind Free Spins

You can calculate the average return per free spin in Zaza casino by multiplying the number of free spins by this easy formula: [number of free spins]*[average return from each free spin].

Let’s take the example. The number of free spins in the Atkins Diet slot machine isn’t readily visible in the game. You get 10 free spins but they can be redeemed for additional free spins indefinitely.

There is a total of n/(1-n*p) where n is the total number of free spins earned each bonus and p is the probability that each spin will gain a bonus prize. The bonus chance is 0.011185 in Atkin’s example; hence the predicted number of free spins is 10/(1-0.011185*10) = 11.259335 for the bonus.


Before closing out this article we thought it would be better if we answered a few important questions about free spins at Zaza:

How do I get free spins at Zaza?

You can get them just by signing up and accepting your welcome bonus!

How do I use my Zaza free spins?

Just open the slot game you’ve won free spins for and they’ll be ready to use.

Is it possible to withdraw winnings from Zaza free spins?

Every dollar you earn through your free spins will be available for withdrawal.