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Understanding Banking Methods at Zaza

Canada has finally seen the lift of social regulations in 2022. This momentous shift was celebrated across the country. Another addition to this year is Zaza’s introduction to the Canadian gambling industry. With a licence from Curacao Gambling Authority, Zaza offers a large variety of games for players to enjoy.

Zaza, a Gen-Alpha casino from Canada, brings a plethora of bonuses and promo codes to keep its punters happy. The casino also offers a multitude of options for deposits and withdrawals. After all this is the era of choice on the internet.

Zaza and Security Go Hand-In-Hand

Zaza Casino has invested in a two-layer security system that protects your data from any malicious activities. At Zaza, we not only ensure safety on our end but also on the players’ end of the transactions. The SSL encryptions ensure the safety of your data and privacy not just when you play but also during withdrawal processes.

Most attacks on players happen during the deposit and withdrawal processes so Zaza Casino has taken extra steps to perform e-checks during e-transfers and ensure protection. Our tie-ups with third-party payment systems like PayPal allow for a safe and quick withdrawal of funds.

How To Fund Your Zaza Casino Account

You can scroll through the deposit options available in the deposit section. They include Visa, Mastercard, iDebit, and Skrill.

Our website allows you to pick the currency in which funds will be deposited during account registration. In other cases the conversion is a requirement due to the financial system’s complexities.

  1. Click the Deposit button to make a deposit;
  2. Choose the most convenient payment option for you (to make a deposit);
  3. Enter your payment details, select the amount, and click “pay”;
  4. In minutes, your Zaza credit will be received.

The minimum amount that you need to deposit is 10 CAD.

Deposit Commission Is a Thing at Zaza

If you choose to make your deposit via a certain method, you may be charged a fee for doing so. For each deposit method, the “Cash” and “Deposit” sections list the current fees associated with such deposits. Transferring money and using other payment methods, on the other hand, may incur minimum fees, anywhere between 1$ to 2.5%, from your bank.

Please read the terms and conditions before you commit to a deposit method. However you can change them at any point.

Time Taken to Deposit Money May Vary

Certain deposit methods may take time, anywhere between 1-3 working days, to transfer funds. In case of bank transfers, credit or debit card deposits, Zaza Casino needs to receive a confirmation and authorization code to approve the transaction. Once approved, the transfer is instantaneous. You also need to ensure that the funds are coming from an account in your name. Third-party funding is not accepted at Zaza Casino.

Can You Put a Cap on Fun? Deposit Limits

While registering your account, you can pick your choice of deposit method. Zaza’s rules are open about deposit limits on certain methods and sometimes your deposit method may cap your limits. When it comes to deposits Zaza Casino can set upper limits and change them at any time. An announcement 14 days prior to making official changes will be given on the website.

What Do You Do When it’s Time to Gather Your Winnings?

To be eligible for a payout you must first fund your account with a deposit of some kind. Completing your profile and confirming your account information is essential. Once Zaza Casino verifies your documents you can begin to play and win payouts.

Make your choice of payment method to receive the withdrawn amount, and read the terms and conditions for bonus payouts before you get excited.

Every time you want to withdraw money you will have to specify the actual amount and verify that it is indeed you requesting the funds. A simple two-step authentication process will validate and process your request. Depending on the method, the withdrawal may be instant or may take up to 3 working days.

Withdrawal Commission Needs to Be Considered at Zaza

All cashouts to any payment method are subject to a 0%–10% flat fee (regardless of the number of requests for funds withdrawal made by the client earlier). If it has been more than 24 hours since your last deposit you will not be charged any percentage in the withdrawal fee (regardless of the number and amount of withdrawals). If the withdrawal request is made within 4 to 24 hours, the fee is 5%. If it’s been less than four hours, it’s 10%.

How Long Does it Take to Withdraw Money?

Depending on the bank, funds can be transferred into the account within one to seven business days. Within 24 hours electronic payment systems make your funds accessible. After the payment has been processed you will receive a notification. Until the application is approved by our security service we cannot transfer funds to your account. The application may be a work in progress for up to 24 hours while it is being reviewed.

How Much Can You Withdraw?

Much like the deposit systems the list is detailed with limits for various withdrawal methods. Zaza also can change these payout limits and will give players a 14-day notice before it comes into effect.


How do I withdraw from Zaza?

Log in to your account on the website or mobile application; you should find the withdraw option on your dashboard. Once you click on it, verify your account and specify how much money you want to be  withdrawn. An application is sent to Zaza. Once Zaza Casino approves the request your pending funds will be credited.

How do I fund my Zaza account?

You should be able to deposit funds to your account after logging in using the website or mobile app. Once you click on the deposit button and select the amount of money you wish to deposit you go through the bank page to approve the transaction on your end. Depending on your deposit method the funds will show up in your account history within minutes but may take a day.

How long does Zaza take to pay out?

Once Zaza Casino approves your request to withdraw the time taken to receive your funds will vary based on your choice of payment. It may take anywhere between a few hours to 7 working days.