3D Mobile Solutions


Exceptional 3D now offers the first ever Glasses Free 3D 10.1 Android tablet with 10-point capacitive touch screen that delivers amazing lifelike graphics with the ability to playback immersive stereo 3D side-by-side videos and some of your favorite games all in 3D without the need of glasses.

Watching 3D movies has never been easier, now choose your favorite 3D films and videos simply and quickly delivering 3D films and videos to your Glasses Free 3D tablet with our built-in Apps from You Tube and 3doo the world’s largest cloud-based streaming video plat-form.

Are you a Gamer? Now you will also be able to play some of your favorite Android based games in 3D, like Final Fantasy IX, Crossy Road, Jetpack Joy-ride and Angry Birds 2.

3D Mobile Phones are quickly becoming a must have for those who like to play video games and watch 3D movies on their phones and Exceptional 3D offers our 5.5 Holographic Smartphone with Eye-tracking that delivers a three-dimensional image.