A digital signage content management system (known as CMS) is a computer application that allows for the customization, scheduling, monitoring, and delivery of content across a network of our Glasses-Free 3D digital displays.”

Think of a CMS as central control for your digital signage network. Your CMS can be accessed using your computer via Web-Based/Cloud-Based, your content management dashboard is hosted on your provider’s website, with all of your data saved in the cloud. Exceptional 3D works with several CMS companies as we have an open API and can integrate our software with many CMS company.

Through the website, you will have a username and password to log in and access your dashboard. Digital signage content management systems are essentially the control system for the content playing on your network. Your CMS will allow you to:

Schedule Content

After choosing what content you want to show on your display network, you’ll be able to schedule it based on display, location, time and even day. For example, let’s say that you as the network operator sold air time to a company to advertise some of their products in the 3rd quarter during the summer months to run their advertisement 10 times an hour, you can go in and schedule their advertisement to run once every 6 minutes for an hour to all the displays that you either have in your store or network.

Monitor Network Health

One of the most important aspects of any digital signage network is health and monitoring. Your CMS should offer you an easy-to-use dashboard for monitoring real-time statuses of every display in your network. That way, if a screen or location happens to run into an issue (such as an internet or power outage) you’ll be able to pinpoint where the issue is, and restart or service your player or display.

Create Templates

Most CMS allows you to customize the layout design of your template whether your content is playing in full screen or if you wish to break up the display with 10% being used for RSS feed at the bottom of the display highlighting local news and weather. Most come with an easy to use ‘drag and drop’ design tool to allow you to create multi-zone templates with playlist zones, ticker feeds and widgets.

You can choose from existing templates, upload your own background images or use our design tools to create your own.

developer on 3D max or maya can use Exceptional 3D Camera plugin for multi camera rig up to 32 views producing and creating creative glasses-free contents


It is important that any CMS is able to provide reports on how many times a piece of content ran, such as a brand advertisement as at the end of the month they want to be able to verify the amount of times their advertisement ran as proof as to what their contract called for. A CMS should also be able to provide other types of reports on the network functionality.

There are several options in choosing a CMS for your network needs and Exceptional 3D can help you make an informed choice and recommendation and set up demos with our partner companies. If needed we can also design your own CMS with our program, if this is of interest to you, just let us know and we can provide a price quote.