With the idea that ‘what will be, will be 3D’, every company, brand and advertiser these days is “thinking 3D”. Don’t take our word, just watch television with all the 3D advertisements being produced by Madison Avenue using Computer Generate Images (CGI) in their commercials, yes 3D is here to stay and the future of delivering engaging content. With so much creative talent inside every organization, comes a unique opportunity to season these internal teams to support Glasses-Free 3D. Exceptional 3D offers a web based training course (3 hour sessions over 3 days) to teach your trained team of animators how to use our compositing Software known as ZLICE and our plug-ins.

Our training course is led by our Creative Team, thas has a deep background in design, motion graphics and the understanding of what is required to teach your team not only how to use our creative tools but to also teach you our secret techniques to produce amazing Glasses-Free 3D content. With our hands-on instruction and guidance, your creative group can become adapt to a completely cutting-edge industry and the process to develop content for public presentation in little to no time. We like ‘keeping it simple’, and want you to learn how to develop amazing Glasses-Free 3D content for your customers so they keep coming back to you for more of their creative needs.



3D Content Developer training comes with options designed to fit your needs. We've done the hard work and narrowed it down to a very simple choice from two different scenarios. But even with that said, we will gladly work to accommodate whatever is most suitable for you and your organization.

We are flexible and up to the task of ensuring that you get the best experience possible from what we have to offer of our knowledge, background and experience. The most important task we seek to accomplish, ensuring you are comfortable, confident and able to get your organization up to speed with developing Glasses-Free 3D content.

In the end, the choice is yours!



This first option is our standard. Training via web-based engagement is simple, fast, easy and included with your purchase of our Content Creation Suite. Through the 3-Day webinar, you will have direct instruction from our expert trainer. You will observe the features and functions of the toolset, while being given a thorough background on how a content developer should approach cultivating their relationship with the Glasses-Free 3D technology.

• Quick and easy

• Offered monthly

• 3-day course; totaling approx. 8-10 hours

• Included with purchase of Content Developer toolset



The second training option we are pleased to offer is an on-site training course. This method for completing the course is most suitable and favorable choice to begin perfecting your Glasses-Free 3D content developer craft. Our expert trainer will enter into a 3-Day curriculum with your organization to ensure that no creative stone is left unturned. This gives you and your creative think-tank, an opportunity to have direct dialog with an industry veteran. You will witness Glasses-Free 3D content being developed and brought to life, right before your eyes. Then, you will have the opportunity to partake in the same methodology during the courses workshop, where our expert instructor can be called on to help steer your creative directions.

• Held on-site at the client’s facility or office

• Available al-a-carte at a time convenient to all parties

• 3-day course; puts our training staff at your ‘beck and call’

• Final day includes workshop, enabling hands-on for trainees with instructor guidance

• On-site training is available at an additional rate, plus travel & accommodations expenses

Download our 'Printer Friendly Training Overview'. This document contains expanded information about the Exceptional 3D Content Developer Training Program. For more information about upcoming training courses, contact us.
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