Exceptional 3D displays are ideal for airports which will enhance travelers overall experience and can be used in the following areas:

Ticketing Area - Our engaging 3D content will cut down on traveler's perceived wait in lines. This is the ideal place to promote airport stores and amenities.

Gate Check In - Our 3D solution is perfect place to show 3D adverting while travelers wait to depart.

Security - With all the new rules in airport security it is important that they provide detailed instructions to travelers in line, there is no better way to their message across to travelers then having the message in 3D.

Flight Information Area - Since our displays can also show 2D content our display can serve as a dual function show arrivals & departures then switch to a important 3D informational message such as an Amber or weather Alert.

Main Concourse - Airports have always been a great place for advertisement and they are always looking for the latest new technology, Exceptional 3D solution will soon replace traditional 2D monitors as a new medium.

Way-finder Kiosk - Is a 2D Interactive touch screen with our 3D display above that can helps travelers find their gate, restaurant or store at the airport.

Baggage Claim - This area is another ideal location to have Exceptional 3D displays to promote local attractions, hotels, and car rentals, it will also cut down travelers perceived wait time.