Casual Dinning & Sports Bars Solutions

When one looks at trends going on in the Casual Dining and Sport Bar establishments over the next decade, it will become fairly routine for consumers in table service restaurants to use tablets to view menus, place orders and pay bills. So what better way to have your restaurant use Exceptional 3D Glasses -Free 3D tablets with images of your favorite dishes appear in photo realistic images in lifelike 3D to wet the appetite of patrons and entertain your customers playing 3D videos and trivia.

In an effort to keep up the tech-savvy Millennials generation and technology in general, the latest trend in casual dining and sport bar types of establishments has been the introduction of inter-active digital Menu boards/Kiosk at the tables. Many restaurants have begun testing this new technology that allows them to offer quick, personalized service. Many establishment are uses digital devices to appeal to the millennial generation and accommodating the 21st century family dining out experience.

Upgrading to state-of-the-art 3D digital menu boards can improve your customers’ dining experience and increase sales. Our state-of-the-art 3D digital menu boards are a turnkey digital signage solution for concessions, restaurants and other food-and-beverage businesses looking to better communicate and engage with their customers.

Some restaurant establishments have discovered that our 3D tablets encourage more orders of appetizers and desserts during a typical meal. The tablets also allow customers to pay for their meal at any time, ideal for anyone in a rush at lunch or perhaps trying to catch a movie after dinner. For families, the tablets will include a variety of 3D video games that can be accessed through a modest fee. A trivia game, for instance, could likely cost $1 to play which we are finding that Mom’s and Dad’s can keep the kids entertained with our 3D tablet while waiting for their meals to arrive.

interactive 3D touch-screen tablet monitor for pos restaurant glasses-free

Placing Glasses-Free 3D display in Sports bars

Placing our 3D projection displays on the ceiling will certainly get the interest of your patrons.

3D video ceiling top view without glasses

Using our Content Management Solution template to display the game and your advertisement in 3D.

advertise in 3D without glasses or glasses-free 3d adverising screen for your sponosr sport team