Corporate Communications Solutions

Exceptional 3D displays are ideal for corporate event forums and enhancing the overall experience and company value.

Companies are always looking for way to better communicate with their employees and their customers and they are turning to digital signage to help. What better way to introduce your company to customers then having a Exceptional 3D display in the lobby of your offices where customer are waiting to meet with members of your team.

Exceptional 3D : Glasses-Free 3D Corporate Communication Solutions from Exceptional 3D on Vimeo.

Exceptional 3D's patented no-glasses 3D technology is the perfect fit for corporate lobby and communications. This application shows the glasses-free 3D experience acting as a welcome screen for arriving clientele at the New York City headquarters for WebMD. The display was incorporated into the design of the companies arrival area environment to bring a unique aesthetic to the reception area.

To help improve internal communications within a company many organizations are turning to 3D digital signage to get their message across and keep their employees up to speed on projects, stocks and company events.

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