Movie Theaters Solutions

With now more than 75,000 3D screens in movie theatres worldwide and gross revenue for 3D movies at 4.8 Billion dollars there is no question that consumer want and like 3D movies.


As Hollywood is leading the charge in 3D with the movie studios producing now 70 3D movies and growing each year there is no better way vehicle for theatres and cinemas to promote upcoming 3D movie trailers in their in lobby entertainment than with Exceptional 3D Glasses-Free displays. Up until now, theater owners would promote 3D movie trailers in 2D, but with Exceptional 3D conversion software and Glasses-Free 3D display they can now promote 3D Movie trailers in true 3D that does not require moviegoers to wear 3D glasses.

In addition to having Exceptional 3D display for their in lobby entertainment, our displays are an ideal solution for the concession stands, where you could see Popcorn and soda’s literally popping off the screen. 3D image forth coming