Exceptional 3D displays make for a perfect fit within any self-service kiosk signage experience.

More and more industries are turning to Self Service Kiosks for various applications and Exceptional 3D display solution can be used in most of them. Whether it is a Way finder application, an ATM machine or showing a 3D movie trailer on a Movie Rental Kiosk, Exceptional 3D has the solution in our small format displays ranging from 8.4 to 32”. We can integrate our software to work with your current solution. Please call us and tell us more about your application.

Wayfinding Kiosk

• In retail, easily show shoppers the way to stores with their favorite product or brand by having them enter what they are looking for in the navigational tool

• Increase service, experience and sales at the same time. For example, airline passengers can find their gate by typing in their flight number and then seeing where they can eat and drink along the way

Merchandise Kiosk

You are now seeing large kiosk machine popping all over, once used to offer just soda and candy these handsomely design kiosk now offers high end merchandise such as headset and smartphone accessories, what better way to attract shoppers attention that having an Exceptional 3D small form factor display advertising the product available in life like 3D with images popping of the 3D display.


In an effort aimed to reduce long lines at airline security check points and cutting down on the number of bags that are rejected and have to be manually searched, Airports like Heathrow International in London been early adopters having installed several large Exceptional 3D Glasses-Free 3D screens that displays images in 3D of items like scissors, liquids and cigarette lighters that not permitted through security. Using Exceptional 3D display solution where these images of non-permitted items literally POP off the screens really gets the attention of passengers to reminding them to remove these items from their bags and disposing them in the recycling bins, saving time from having their bags checked and speeding up the line.